About Littleford & Associates

About Littleford & Associates

An international management consulting firm for independent and international schools, colleges, non-profit organizations and for-profit companies.

Mission Statement

To provide comprehensive, customized management consulting services of the highest quality to independent and international schools, non profit organizations and for profit companies needing strategic assistance in the following areas:
  • Board governance
  • Head compensation
  • Teacher compensation and evaluation
  • Strategic and financial planning
  • Safe harbors compliance (for US based schools)
  • School climate and culture
  • Managing change and transitions
  • Team building
  • Marketing and fund raising
  • Executive searches.

Littleford and Associates is committed to delivering:

  • Objective and thorough analyses aided by the largest and most accurate database in the world;
  • A tailored and creative approach to problem-solving; and
  • Recommendations and solutions reflecting an in-depth, insightful understanding of the unique cultures of its client institutions


Littleford & Associates was founded by John Littleford in 1994. Mr. Littleford has served as head of school for 18 years, a teacher for 25 years, and a board member and chair of schools and nonprofit agencies.

He has written and spoken extensively worldwide on each area of the firm's consulting expertise. John Littleford is the co-author, with Valerie Lee, of the book, "Faculty Salary Systems in Independent Schools". This landmark publication on this topic was published by NAIS from 1983-94. His articles on the career ladder concept of faculty compensation are found in Larry Frase's book, entitled "Teacher Motivation and Compensation", published in 1992 by the Technomic Press.

Mr. Littleford has his B.A. degree from Dickinson College, Critical Language Degree from Princeton University, M.A. from Harvard University and a Certificate of Advanced Study from Harvard University.

As senior partner, Mr. Littleford conducts all workshops, on-site visits and evaluations of contracts for Heads and nonprofit CEO's.

Having earned a reputation for excellence, Littleford & Associates has over 7,000 clients worldwide, including Canada, Southern and Central America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Littleford & Associates has a corporate membership in the National Association of Independent Schools. The firm is listed on the NAIS website under the following service categories: Board services: board development, board/head relations, compensation and benefits, board evaluation, strategic planning, and training and retreats; Administration: head mentoring; Management: executive leadership, organizational and general consulting; Teaching: teacher compensation and evaluation.


  • Executive Searches for Presidents, Heads of Schools and Other Senior Administrative Positions. -more info
  • Board Governance: Governance Review and Planning for all Non Profit Organizations. - more info
  • Strategic Planning For All Non Profit Organizations:Planning processes tailored to the culture and climate of organizations. - more info
  • Compensation Planning and Contracts for Heads of School, Presidents of Colleges and C.E.O.s of Foundations, Health Organizations and Other Social Service Agencies. - more info
  • Safe Harbors Compliance: Salary Analysis, Recommendations and Documentation to Ensure Compliance with the "Safe Harbors" Act Passed by the U.S. Congress. - more info
  • Faculty and Staff Compensation Planning, Benefits Design, and Salary Systems: Individualized compensation and benefits designs and delivery systems. - more info
  • Faculty Evaluation: Programs supported by boards, administrators, teachers and staff. - more info
  • Financial Management Audits and Management Review: Analysis of All Income and Expense Areas. Development of Profit Centers. - more info
  • Managing Change, Morale, and School Climate Issues: Counsel to avoid board and Head turnover and unhealthy school cultures. - more info
  • Marketing: Internal, External, Retention Issues, Admissions, Surveys, Centers of Excellence. - more info
  • Mentoring Heads and Leadership Transitions: Assisting New Heads, Experienced Heads, and Heads Entering a New School to Maximize Leadership and Avoid Pitfalls. - more info
  • Fund Raising Counsel: Capital campaign feasibility studies, annual, planned and corporate giving strategies. - more info
  • Mandarin Studies and Recruitment:: Creating and staffing Mandarin Studies Programs- more info (more info is in blue like all of the others. - more info
  • Corporate Services: Customized services to privately-owned and/or family-owned for profit companies and corporations. - more info
  • Other Non-profits: Searches for heads and interim heads and services in other areas important to non profit organizations. - more info