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Executive Searches

Littleford & Associates conducts searches for heads and interim heads of independent schools and non profit organizations...

Strategic Planning

In recent years, strategic planning has become a more “democratic” process leading to large committees with many students...

Safe Harbors Compliance

In 1996, responding to the United Way debacle, the U.S. Congress passed the “Taxpayers’ Rights Act.” All U.S. based non-profits...

Head Compensation, Contracts, Deferred Compensation Planning

Littleford & Associates has been retained by over 2000 schools and other non-profit organizations to assist with the analysis of the compensation and benefit packages for heads and executives;

Board Governance: Keeping Boards Healthy

Littleford & Associates has over 800 clients world wide on the subject of board governance, board/head relations, board evaluation, head evaluation, and the structure of boards.

Faculty and Staff Compensation Systems, Levels and Benefits

Littleford & Associates has been retained by over 500 schools world wide to assist with the analysis of faculty salary systems, workload assessments, salary levels, and benefits design.

Faculty Evaluation and Professional Development

Littleford & Associates has assisted over 500 schools world wide with the development of teacher evaluation and assessment programs that are effective and supported by boards

Financial Management

Effective financial management in schools is a function of balancing income and expense. Like pressure on a waterbed, pressing down on one source of income or stream of expense affects all other areas.

Organizational Climate and Morale Issues

Many nonprofits suffer from poor faculty or staff morale that can affect overall consituent morale. Managing change and managing faculty and staffeffectively are skills that are developed over time.

Marketing for Enrollment, Selectivity and Competitive Position

Littleford & Associates has over 100 school and nonprofit clients world wide in the marketing realm.

Mentoring Heads and Leadership Transitions

Heads of school, who are new to the career or have moved from one headship to another, often need the outside perspective...

Friend Raising and Fund Raising

Effective Fund Raising consists of different approaches for different groups and goals.

Mandarin Studies and Recruitment

John Littleford and Littleford & Associates were one of the pioneer creators of programs teaching Mandarin Chinese to elementary and secondary students starting in 1967 at Chatham Hall

I want to take this opportunity to formally thank you for the wonderful work you continue to do with us in so many different areas. Through it all you have become a valued resource to trustees. parents. and administrators.

by Steven S. Piltch Ed.D., Head of School, The Shipley School

Independent and International Schools
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