Although working with clients across the globe, Littleford & Associates provides solid advice and workable solutions specifically adapted to each local independent school, non-profit organization and corporation. These commendations from satisfied clients attest to the effectiveness of the services and local solutions that Littleford & Associates has provided worldwide on a broad range of topics. Please see additional testimonials on our Testimonials Page.

As an independent school veteran and head of school for the past twelve years, I have had the privilege of working with numerous consultants and “experts”. My and my School’s experience (on the topic of faculty compensation, benefits and evaluation) is now the gold standard by which we will measure such relationships.

Scott A. Wilson, Headmaster, Baylor School, Chattanooga, TN

Your ability to lead our executive committee through all of the important considerations in arriving at an optimal (head of school) contract was instrumental. You have a unique knack for keeping a meeting on task, asking the tough questions and driving us to a conclusion. Your 16 year history of leading this process at our school and the wealth of information you possess regarding market based compensation levels for similar positions allow us to put an enormous amount of faith in your judgments.

Doug Kimmelman, Outgoing Board Chair, Far Hills Country Day School, Far Hills, NJ

On behalf of the Chinese International School community, thank you for your invaluable guidance as our School has planned and conducted its first Annual Fund. At the time of writing, less than four weeks after launch, our pledges and donations total more than double the substantial dollar goal we set (HKD 17.8m or USD 2,287,900) and the current participation rate of 60% rises daily. It is hard to believe that in less than one year you have taken us from a state of general ignorance about annual funds to a landmark success in execution. You know how to create a sense of ownership among the school community. You listen, feed back, synthesize, challenge and provide a path forward.

Ted Faunce, Headmaster, Chinese International School, Hong Kong

It was clear your wealth of experience in this area combined with your very interactive, inclusive model of instruction proved to be so helpful to our Board. Furthermore, both the Chair and I felt that we received more than the pre-packaged shelf item. The background and intelligence you gleaned from the Sunday Focus Group were applied the next day in such a sensitive and precise manner. We appreciated that we not only got Governance 101 superbly articulated but we got some very candid and practical insights on how we need to behave as a Board to advance our mission and ambitious building program.

Rodger Wright, Head of School, Collingwood School, Vancouver, BC

On behalf of myself and the Board of Trustees of the American School of The Hague, I would like to thank you for a superb workshop this past weekend at our annual Board Retreat. I have had unanimously positive comments about your discussions on good governance, leadership succession, fund-raising, and strategic planning. You bring such a wealth of experience and knowledge about independent school management and governance that when you speak, board members and school administrators listen, and listen carefully.

Richard Spradling, Director, American School of the Hague, The Hague

John stood out for his professionalism and dedication to the search. He helped us through each stage of the process from identifying qualified candidates, short listing, and throughout the interviewing, offer and post-appointment transition process. Despite his heavy traveling schedule, he was always easily accessible and responsive and ready to answer and ready to provide his advice. He was particularly helpful in assisting us to address questions and concerns raised by the candidates in the course of the search and ensuring that candidates remain interested in the position. John is not afraid to speak his mind and provide authoritative and objective advice, while always respecting the Search Committee’s opinions and supporting us to get to a result that would be best for the School.

Philip Sohmen, Deputy Chairman of the Board, YK Pao School, Shanghai, China

John’s approach to marketing helped us learn more about ourselves and has given us a road map for sustained follow-up. Again, I must reiterate that his presentations were truly inspirational- he is a fantastic public speaker, and he is able to contextualize the importance of independent school education in a way that helps parents to understand better the investment they are making. I cannot endorse John more strongly as a consultant.

Jim Skrumbis, Head of School, Sierra Canyon School, Chatsworth, CA

Many more testimonials are on our Testimonials page. Please visit the Our Services page for information about how Littleford & Associates can help you meet these global issues with local solutions, or contact us at 1-800- 69-TEACH.
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