Heads of school, who are new to the career or have moved from one headship to another, often need the outside perspective provided by a consulting firm that can help view issues in ways that are supportive of both the head and the school.

Eighty percent of all heads of schools are fired; they do not leave of their own volition. Yet, it is the longevity of a head that usually determines that person’s effective and long-term contributions.

A new head faces a variety of demands from the Board, the faculty, the parents and the students. Heads new to a school need to be very careful about managing the pace of change in a way that does not harm the school’s climate, faculty morale or the school culture. Sudden changes can undermine the new head’s credibility and legitimacy.

Even experienced heads who move into a new environment may find themselves surprised by a different set of personalities, circumstances and political history that can blindside even the most experienced leader.

Littleford & Associates has experience with hundreds of schools in helping to guide heads who are new to the profession or in a new setting. Our work in this area can be accomplished either by an on-site visit (preferred) or by teleconference and ongoing e mail and phone support. Our Firm has actually saved the headship of a number of school heads and in so doing helps to ensure institutional stability and success.