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Meeting the Challenge on the Spot

John Littleford, Senior Partner, provides assistance via telephone, webcam or teleconference to nonprofit boards and heads/CEO’s in need of routine or immediate counsel on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Governance challenges of all kinds, including handling a “rogue” board member
  • Deciding upon a strategy to handle an unexpected departure of a head/CEO or administrator
  • Diffusing a constituent “attack”
  • Mentoring a new or experienced head/CEO in coping with a sensitive political situation
  • Managing any one of a range of other issues that could become a “crisis” if not addressed quickly and appropriately.

Mr. Littleford has helped hundreds of schools and nonprofits world wide on short notice to solve a range of important and pressing issues, including the all important fallout that may occur if they are not quickly addressed or are mishandled.

For “On The Spot” assistance, contact Mr. Littleford at or at 1-800-69-TEACH (1-800-698-3224)

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