Effective Fund Raising consists of different approaches for different groups and goals.

The nonprofit organization must have a compelling vision of what it represents and of where it is headed. It must present a focused and powerful story. People give to other people and to causes in which they believe.

Feasibility studies must be conducted to make capital giving for both building and endowment campaigns realistic. Littleford and Associates can help organizations create realistic assessments on which to base their capital campaigns.

Planned Giving should be designed to maximize impact both now and in the future. Investment plans can greatly impact total revenues the entity has at its disposal now and over the next decades.

Properly designed volunteer programs assist development offices immensely in building morale and effective giving. Techniques for recruiting, developing, and directing volunteers that need not cost a lot of money can make the difference between lackluster results and powerful outcomes.

Finally, in approaching corporate givers, organizations need to know what those corporations are looking for when they award funds. Similarly, its senior managers must be skilled at making and presenting its case to this audience.

These approaches allow the organization to build enduring relationships while garnering funds. Both are essential to its continued health.