My feedback is BRAVISSIMO! A+. You are SO deeply knowledgeable, well spoken, and sage about schools. What you shared today was excellent.

by Carole J. Everett, Executive Director, New Jersey Association of Independent Schools


First, I want to thank you for another wonderful presentation. Every time I hear you speak I walk away with so much. Here is my feedback John.
-Helpful information framed within relevant contexts with concrete examples. Delivering information is one thing but the stories provide context highlighting real challenges, pitfalls to avoid, and concrete advice from key lessons learned.
-Your presentations are grounded in quantitative research and qualitative observations from the important action research you have been conducting for years.
-You deliver information in a clear, concise and pragmatic manner.
-Your presentation is polished and your communication style is honest and transparent.
-A great speaker knows their audience. Your ability to filter the information for your audience is brilliant.

by Julie Rousseau, Head of School, Yorkhouse School, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


John Littleford is currently presenting webinars on the following topics:


“Marketing the Mission”

This Webinar will discuss internal marketing strategies to retain current students and external marketing strategies to attract new ones in this challenging time when the physical campus is closed.  These strategies begin with a compelling and memorable story; language that inspires trust; a voice that inspires passion; and a mission to celebrate. We will address the following questions:

  • Is your School’s internal and external brand messaging clear, concise, compelling and known to all? “Nurturing”, “Excellence” or “Christian” may be true but not enough. We will give examples of taglines that truly resonate.
  • This Webinar will also include steps on how to recruit, motivate, mobilize and train parents from being passive consumers to ambassadors who become a school’s most important and trusted advocates.  We will discuss the pyramid structure and reporting relationships of such a program.
  • A vibrant and active Parent Ambassador program is much more than parents serving as tour guides; it is a  powerful tool that markets a school’s unique brand to the internal and external community in order to retain and recruit families. Learn how it can work for your school and make a positive impact on your enrollment picture. 


Contact us today for more information about how to participate!


The Head of School and Board Partnership during the COVID-19 Crisis: In Support of the Shifting Landscape/Strengthening Governance

The almost ongoing, high stress job of crisis management in schools has filled the space that was once full of organizational charts, contracts, training, legal protection, salaries and other the expectations and demands.The Head of School has needed to refocus and reframe to reflect the new reality. How do the head and the board partner together respond to and manage this uncharted territory? The job is now high stress nearly all the time.

The webinar will explore:

  • How a head and board best manage constituent communications and expectations?
  • Best practice for how the board can support the head of school?
  • How a head should communicate what he/she needs in order to succeed in the role and have a balanced personal life as well?
  • What are the immediate danger zones in the head/board relationship at this stressful time?
  • What simple signals can the Board send that ensure board/school stability and confidence from the stakeholders?
  • How should the head manage each stakeholder group?
  • How can the Board support the head personally and with each stakeholder group?
  • What are the new financial realities, the trade offs of income and expense that must now be addressed?
  • How to market a school when the campus is closed?
  • How to engage parents positively when they are full of anxieties?
  • How does the Head remain positive, reflective and energetic in the midst of all this?


Reminder: Long terms boards with long term chairs lead to long term successful heads and stable and financially sound school.

Contact us today for more information about how to participate!

Superb! We so appreciate your willingness and generosity in reaching out to VAIS and delivering such a polished product. The Heads and Trustees on the call were so complimentary of you and your presentation! We got so many great comments about your session.

by Kimberly Fallon, Director of Professional development and Communication, Virginia Association of Independent Schools


That was a fabulous session! Thank you so much. The feedback at the end — all the thank you and kudos and expressions of appreciation for the informative presentation speak for themselves. I really enjoyed it myself, and loved working with you. I would love to do it again if you are willing.

by Barbara Swanson, Associate Director for Professional Development, New York Association of Independent Schools